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Gluster and Kubernetes - Portmap

Posted on Jul 9, 2019 by Aravinda VK

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One of the primary roles of Glusterd is to allocate a port for brick processes and let the clients know about it when requested.

Glusterd starts a brick process, and it allocates a free port number between 49152-49664. Gluster client(or mount) will connect to Glusterd (port:24007) and asks for the brick port, Glusterd provides brick port and client then connects to the brick process.

Get brick port from Glusterd

If we remove Glusterd in k8s setup, who will do the role of Glusterd? How will the brick process get the port number?

Now comes the Magic! All brick processes will run with the port number 24007!

Each brick is one container in k8s setup, so no need to search for a new port. Just use 24007. Gluster client is intelligent enough to know that the connecting process is Glusterd or Brick process. The client connects to 24007 to get brick port, and it finds the brick process itself.

Client directly connects to brick

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