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Posted on Apr 15, 2022 by Aravinda VK

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Kadalu means Ocean in Kannada(Karnataka, India) language.

Open Source

Kadalu Open Source project was started in 2019 with the idea to integrate Gluster natively with Kubernetes APIs without using Glusterd(Gluster’s management layer). Later the idea was extended for non-Kubernetes use cases by creating a modern storage manager (Code name: Moana).

All Open Source projects from Kadalu are available under Github organization "Kadalu". A few popular projects are:

Kadalu Kubernetes Storage

Natively integrated with Kubernetes APIs and uses Gluster core file system layer to provide Storage for the apps running on Kubernetes (link)

Kadalu Storage (Moana)

With the modern Storage manager, easily manage the Storage resources using CLI, ReST APIs or using the web interface (link).


A new testing framework that can be used to test any CLIs or server applications easily. Binnacle adopted an easy syntax that is focused on Tester’s delight! (link)

Gluster Metrics Exporter

Prometheus and JSON exporter for Gluster metrics (link).


Simple web dashboard for GlusterFS (link).


We are active contributors and maintainers in the Gluster community. We contribute to GlusterFS, Gstatus, Gluster CLI Python bindings and many other projects.


Kadalu Technologies provides enterprise support for Kadalu Storage. We also develop Gluster features and provide Consultancy based on the client’s needs. Write to us at if you have any questions about our offerings.

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