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Mount a Kadalu Storage Volume

Posted on Nov 15, 2022 by Aravinda VK

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Kadalu Storage Volumes can be accessed via Fuse mount, NFS Ganesha, Samba and GFAPI bindings. This blog post describes how to mount a Kadalu Storage Volume using Fuse mount.

This post assumes that Kadalu Storage is already installed and Volume is created (If not, read this quick start guide).

Mount a Kadalu Storage Volume

Mount Command

Login to Kadalu Storage by running the following command

$ sudo kadalu user login admin

Run the mount command by giving the Storage Manager URL as below.

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/vol1
$ sudo chattr +i /mnt/vol1
$ sudo mount -t kadalu /PROD/vol1 /mnt/vol1
Executing the following command to mount the Kadalu Storage Volume

/usr/sbin/glusterfs --volfile-id=client-PROD-vol1 --process-name=fuse.kadalu \
   --fs-display-name=kadalu:PROD/vol1 /mnt/vol1 \
   --volfile-server=server1:49252 --volfile-server=server2:49252 --volfile-server=server3:49252

Run df command to verify that Kadalu Storage Volume is mounted.

$ df -h /mnt/vol1
kadalu:PROD/vol1  4.7G  1.8G  3.0G  38% /mnt/vol1

fstab based mount

To mount the Volume automatically on node reboot, add entry to fstab.

Copy the volfile-server printed in the mount command above and add to /etc/fstab file as below. Note: Storage manager URL is not required here.

/PROD/vol1       /mnt/vol1 kadalu  defaults,_netdev,volfile-servers="server1:49252\040server2:49252\040server3:49252"       0       0

Note: \040 is added to give space between volfile servers list.

Run mount -a to test if it works.

Systemd based mount

Create a systemd unit file (/etc/systemd/system/mnt-vol1.mount) with the content as below. Uncomment After and Requires section if the Client node is one of the Storage node (If Storage unit process to be started before mounting the volume).

Description=Kadalu Storage Volume mount - vol1
# After=kadalu-mgr.service
# Requires=kadalu-mgr.service

Options=defaults,_netdev,volfile-servers="server1:49253 server2:49253 server3:49253"


Enable the mount by running

systemctl enable mnt-vol1.mount
systemctl start mnt-vol1.mount

Verify the mount by running df command.

In our next blog posts, we will discuss using Kadalu Storage Volumes using other access protocols.

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