Gluster vs Kadalu Storage

Kadalu Storage uses core file system layer from Gluster project and built a new ecosystem around it. This article shows similarities and differences with Gluster.

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Kadalu Storage Manager

Storage Pools

Single Storage pool is supported.

Multiple Storage pools are supported.


No ReST APIs available.

ReST APIs are available to manage Kadalu Storage.

Kubernetes support

No native solution.

Natively integrated with Kubernetes APIs.

Python bindings

Wrappers around CLI.

Wrappers around ReST APIs, easily use bindings from a remote node.

Storage export directory

Storage export directory is called Brick.

Storage export directory is called Storage unit.

Port Management

Brick ports are dynamic. New free ports allocated on every restart of brick.

Storage unit ports are fixed. Allocated during the Volume creation and will not change for the lifetime. It is also possible to assign a port manually while creating the Volume.


No native metrics exporters available. Use CLI or external tools like Gluster Metrics Exporter

Native Prometheus and JSON metrics exporter.

Communication between nodes

Mesh network between nodes.

No Mesh network. Only one node acts as Manager node and all other nodes are client nodes.

Volume Start

Manually start the Volume after Create.

Automatically start the Volume after Create. Use --no-start option to disable this behaviour.

User Management

Only sudo users or the users with permission to access the Glusterd socket file.

Multiple users are supported. You can install Kadalu CLI in a remote machine and interact with the Storage pools. Kadalu Storage adds support for creating Storage admins, maintainers, viewers, and Clients.

Nodes management

Manually add the nodes to the default Storage pool.

Automatically add nodes to a Storage Pool while creating the Volume by providing --auto-add-nodes option.

Volfile Management

Glusterd generates the Volfiles required to run the Gluster processes. To change or add a new Volfile modify the Glusterd source code.

Template based Volfile generation. Easily modify the existing Volfiles or add new Volfile templates as required.

Volume Size in Status command

Run Volume status and aggregate the utilization from bricks or mount the Volume and use df command.

Volume status command provides utilization info.


Uses Simple Quota feature.